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Checking Accounts

Check imaging is the process in which pictures, or images, of your checks are taken during processing. Your monthly account statement will contain pictures of your checks instead of the actual items. Since September 11, 2001, the Federal Reserve has mandated that all banks convert to electronic image processing.

The courts have ruled that imaged checks are valid proof of payment for any legal obligation, including the Internal Revenue Service. In the event you need to see the endorsement of a check, we can print this for you. Therefore, an imaged check is as valid as the original check.

After 60 days they are destroyed. However, your imaged checks will be available from the bank for many years.

Statements are neatly organized; old checks do not need to be stored in a shoe box any longer!

Clearly printed statements. Laser printed statements and check images are much sharper and easier to read. Background pictures, such as scenic views and animals, may be eliminated on the imaged check for easier reading. Blue or black ink will produce clearer check images.

Your requests for previous account information, copies of checks, deposits, or statements will be processed much faster.

Below each check, in larger print, you will find the check number, check amount and the date it was posted to your account. This makes it easier to balance your statement and to reference information.