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We think education is one of the most rewarding investments

As a true community bank, Country Bank’s mission includes building a solid economic foundation for our region. That commitment is why we focus on delivering world-class products and services to families and businesses. Providing education on financial matters is also part of our mission, which is why we partner with local schools to improve the financial literacy of the next generation.

Country Bank offers a variety of programs for students, from pre-k through college, that can be customized as needed. We work with teachers to understand the needs of their students and develop age appropriate programs for their classroom. Our Savings Makes Sense – School and Branch Banking Program, Credit For Life Fairs and The Next Step Fairs are available at participating schools within our communities.

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  • Teachers – Customized Programs Available

    Our Financial Literacy team has more than 20 years of experience creating and customizing lessons. We have many resources including engaging games and activities that create a fun and educational experience for the students.

    In addition to Country Bank’s financial literacy programs, we sponsor the following initiatives to help support the students and teachers in our region:

    • Teacher of the Month Program
    • Financial Literacy programs for all ages
    • Virtual classroom budgeting activities
    • Community reading days
    • Career days
    • National Teach Children to Save Day – American Bankers Association
    • Get Smart About Credit Day – American Bankers Association

    To learn more about our programs, please contact our Financial Education Department at 800-322-8233 and they will be delighted to discuss our program options with you.

    Savings Makes Sense

    This program, which is designed for students in pre-k through grade 8, educates students on the importance of finances and banking. Students learn first-hand how to save money, how banks operate, and they gain a basic understanding of the role money has in our society. This program is offered in over 30 local schools, as well as, within our branch network.

    Students can also make deposits or withdrawals at any Country Bank branch during normal business hours. Withdrawals are not allowed at school.

    In addition to learning valuable lessons on saving money, enrolled students will also be rewarded for doing so. Students receive an incentive after every sixth banking day whether at school or at any of our branches.

    Participating Schools:

    • Abby Kelley Foster Elementary School
    • Abby Kelley Foster Middle School
    • Brimfield Elementary School
    • Charlton Elementary School
    • Charlton Middle School
    • Chestnut Hill Community School
    • Cold Spring School
    • Hardwick Elementary School
    • Heritage School
    • Holland Elementary School
    • Jabish Brook Middle School
    • Jacob Hiatt Magnet School
    • Knox Trail Junior High School
    • Leicester Middle School
    • Leicester Elementary School
    • Midland Street School
    • Mile Tree Elementary School

    • New Braintree Grade School
    • Oakham Center School
    • Old Mill Pond Elementary School
    • Palmer High School
    • Paxton Center School
    • Quaboag Regional High School
    • St. Aloysius Catholic School
    • Soule Road School
    • Stanley M. Koziol Elementary School
    • Stony Hill School
    • Swift River Elementary School
    • Tatnuck Magnet School
    • Wales Elementary School
    • Ware Jr/Sr High School
    • Ware Middle School
    • West Brookfield Elementary School
    • Wire Village School

  • Credit for Life

    An award-winning program honored by the New England Financial Marketing Association (NEFMA) in 2013. Credit for Life is a financial literacy exercise where high school seniors are asked to make decisions on how to spend their money. Students role-play the position of a 25-year old adult with a career, a salary, and a credit score. Managing their own budget and seeing the actual cost of things will leave students with a whole new perspective on real-life financial management.

    Annually, over 1,500 students participate in our Credit for Life program. Whether they are going into the workforce or away to college, these life lessons are relevant to all of the students.

    Currently, we offer our Credit for Life program to 11 local high schools:

    • Belchertown High School
    • Eagle Hill School
    • Leicester High School
    • Minnechaug Regional High School
    • Monson High School
    • Palmer High School
    • Pathfinder Regional High School
    • Quabbin Regional High School
    • Quaboag Regional High School
    • Tantasqua Regional High School
    • Ware High School

    Credit for Life in Action – Watch the video to see the fun we have!

    The Next Step

    The Next Step

    The Next Step is a financial literacy exercise where college students are asked to step into their very near future by visiting informative booths to make real world decisions. Students learn about the “next steps” that they will encounter after they graduate from college. Managing their own budget and seeing the actual cost of things will leave students with a whole new perspective on real-life financial management.

  • Digital Financial Literacy

    Country Bank has partnered with EVERFI, the leading financial education technology company, to provide our community members with digital financial education that is available to you when you need it, where you need it! With more than 24 interactive 3-5 minute modules about homeownership, credit cards, credit scores, investing, financing higher education, estate planning and more, we can help you navigate all of your financial decisions with a fun and easy digital experience.