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Can I be charged a fee when I use my ATM/Debit Card?

No. Country Bank does not charge a fee when you use your card; however, you may be subject to a surcharge from another bank when you use their ATM. We belong to the SUM network which allows you to use other SUM member bank's ATM's without incurring a surcharge. Visit the SUM website for a complete list of participating SUM ATM banks.

Can I make a deposit at any Country Bank ATM?

Yes, you can use any Country Bank ATM to make routine deposits.

How can I change the primary account on my Debit Card?

Any of our branch offices can complete the necessary paperwork to change your account number. Within 24 hours your account will activated and all primary transactions will be deducted from the new account. These can also be changed by calling 800-322-8233.

How do I protect myself from others using my card?

Never disclose your PIN number to anyone or allow anyone else to use your card. Do not write your PIN number on or near your card. The only way someone could use your card at an ATM is if they obtained your PIN number. If you have a debit card, someone could potentially use your card without your PIN, so it is extremely important to notify us immediately if your card has been lost or stolen. In any case, on consumer accounts, you are not liable for any charges not incurred by you or transactions done fraudulently.

What do I need to do to protect my ATM/Debit Card's magnetic strip from damage?

Always store your card in the protective Tyvek sleeve that came with your ATM/Debit card. Keep your card away from heat or other damage-causing elements such as sunlight or anything magnetized. If you need a new protective sleeve, just call or email us. We will be happy to send one to you.

What if my ATM card becomes lost or stolen?

If you believe that your card has been lost or stolen, notify us immediately by calling 800-322-8233. To report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit card during non-bank hours, please call 800-528-2273. To order a new card, please stop by any branch location to request one.

What type of accounts can I access using my ATM/Debit Card?

For ATM use you will be able to access your Checking and Statement Savings accounts that you designated on your original application. MasterCard® Debit Card purchases are withdrawn only from your Country Bank primary Checking account.

Do you open new accounts for out of state residents?
How are my deposits insured?

All deposits are insured through the combined coverage of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and the DIF (Depositor's Insurance Fund). Under the FDIC, each depositor is insured to at least $250,000. As a depositor in this bank, all of your deposits and accrued interest are insured in full without limit or exception. All deposits above the FDIC limit are insured in full by the Depositors Insurance Fund.

There has been a lot in the news lately about deposit insurance and bank safety. This question and answer section is to provide you with useful information about the safety and security of your funds at Country Bank. You can be confident that Country Bank is in a strong financial position and your interests are safe. In fact, the deposits of Country Bank customers are backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to the maximum extent allowed by law. Additionally, the Depositors Insurance Fund insures all deposit amounts above FDIC limits in full.

The combination of FDIC and DIF insurance provides Country Bank customers with full deposit insurance on all their deposit accounts. If you need more information or would like to discuss your accounts, please visit any of our branches or contact our Customer Care Center at 800-322-8233.

How much insurance is provided by the FDIC?

Under the FDIC, each depositor is insured to at least $250,000.
For a personalized estimate of your FDIC insurance coverage, please use the FDIC's Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator.

Here is a breakdown of the coverage limits:

  • Single Accounts (owned by one person) $250,000 per owner
  • Joint Accounts (two or more persons) $250,000 per co-owner
  • IRAs and certain other retirement accounts $250,000 per owner
  • Trust Accounts $250,000 per owner per beneficiary
  • Subject to specific limitations and requirements 

These deposit insurance coverage limits refer to the total of all deposits that an accountholder (or accountholders) has at each FDIC-insured bank. The listing above shows only the most common ownership categories that apply to individual and family deposits, and assumes that all FDIC requirements are met.
If you have questions about FDIC coverage limits and requirements, please visit

The FDIC also provides a comprehensive description regarding insurance coverage in a section called Understanding Deposit Insurance.

What accounts are protected by the FDIC?

All types of deposit accounts are insured. This includes personal checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, business checking, money market deposit accounts and savings accounts, and retirement certificates of deposit.

Who insures deposits at Country Bank?

Deposits at Country Bank are insured by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). FDIC is an agency of the federal government.

What is Country Bank's Routing Number?


Am I protected beyond the FDIC limits?

Yes. Along with other Massachusetts-chartered Savings Banks, Country Bank is a member of the DIF (Depositor's Insurance Fund). All deposit amounts above the FDIC limits are fully insured by the DIF.

Do all banks provide DIF insurance coverage?

No. While there are other "excess" deposit insuring entities, only Massachusetts chartered savings banks (and one federal savings bank) provide the additional protection of DIF insurance. For additional information visit the DIF website.

How do I contact my local branch?

You can contact your local branch by Phone, Email, or U.S. Mail. Click here for your local branch information. All branch offices can be reached by calling 800-322-8233.

How financially strong is the DIF?

No depositor has ever lost any money in a bank insured by both the FDIC and the DIF. The DIF has more than $300 million dollars in assets, plus an additional $100 million of reinsurance.

Is Country Bank a Stock owned or Mutual Savings Bank?

Country Bank is a state-chartered mutual savings bank incorporated in 1850. Our primary regulator is the Massachusetts Division of Banks.

Is there anything I need to do to get deposit insurance?

No. All of your deposits at Country Bank are insured automatically.

What is the DIF?

The DIF is a private, industry-sponsored insurance company. The DIF is not backed by the federal government or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Where can I get more information about deposit insurance?

For more information on deposit insurance, please visit the FDIC and the DIF online at and

How do I read the Imaged Checks?

Below each check, in larger print, you will find the check number, check amount and date it was posted to your account. This makes it easier to balance your statement and to reference information.

What are the benefits of receiving Check Image Statements?

Statements are neatly organized; Old checks do not need to be stored in a shoe box any longer!

Clearly printed statements:
Laser printed statements and check images are much sharper and easier to read. Background pictures, such as scenic views and animals, may be eliminated on the imaged check for easier reading. Blue or black ink will produce clearer check images.

Special requests:
Your requests for previous account information, copies of checks, deposits, or statements will be processed much faster. 

What happens to my original checks?

After 60 days they are destroyed. However, your imaged checks will be available from the Bank for many years.

What if I want the back of the check printed or need proof of payment?

The courts have ruled that imaged checks are valid proof of payment for any legal obligation, including the Internal Revenue Service. In the event you need to see the endorsement of a check, we can print this for you. Therefore, an imaged check is as valid as the original check.

What is Check Imaging?

Check Imaging is the process in which pictures, or images, of your checks are taken during processing. Your monthly image statement will contain pictures of your checks instead of the actual items. Since September 11, 2001, the Federal Reserve has mandated that all Banks convert to electronic image processing.

Do you offer a "No Money Down" mortgage program?

Yes, we participate in the Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program. You do not have to be a first time homebuyer. For additional information regarding this program, contact us at 800-322-8233 or email us. Information is also available on the Rural Housing website.

How do I know which type of mortgage is right for me?

Speak to one of our Mortgage Professionals. They can help you determine which mortgage option would be right for you. To see a list of these professionals click here.

Is the interest on a Home Equity Line of Credit tax deductible?

In most cases your interest would be fully deductible; however, we recommend that you always consult with your tax advisor for advice pertaining to your individual circumstances.

What is Private Mortgage Insurance?

This insurance protects lenders against loss due to foreclosure or loan default. Mortgage insurance is required on conventional loans with less than a 20% down payment.

When I call around for mortgage rates I often hear the word "points". What are they?

A point is pre-paid interest and each point is equal to 1% of the amount you borrow. For instance, if you borrow $100,000 with one point, the point will be equal to $1,000. Generally, points are paid at closing. Paying points up-front normally allows you to obtain a lower interest rate.

How do I pay my Country Bank loan through this system?

Click on the "Transfer" tab and go to "Loan Payment." Select a deposit account in the "From" dropdown box and your loan account in the "To" dropdown box and select the Payment type. Enter the dollar value of the payment you wish to make and click "Submit." Please note: Making a Country Bank loan payment with our bill payment feature may seriously delay your payment. In some instances, the bill payment system will generate a check, which in turn, will be mailed to Country Bank through the U.S. Postal Service. The payment will then require hand-processing.

How far back can I look at my account statement?

Currently, the system will allow you to retrieve about sixteen months of account history. If you need information prior to that, please contact us at 800-322-8233 and our Customer Care Center can assist you.

I can't remember my log-in information. What should I do?

Contact our Customer Care Center at 800-322-8233. We can provide you the correct log-in information to allow you to access your information again.

I know I am using the correct User ID and Password to log into the online system. Why won't it work?

The system may have prompted you to change your password and you may be using the old one out of habit. Or you may have been locked out because of inactivity. In any case, contact us at 800-322-8233 and we can determine what is happening and provide you with information to get you logged-in again. If you have set up Enhanced Log-In Security on your account, you can use the Forgotten Password option found on our log-in screen.

What if I have a question while using the system; is there any way to contact someone for help?

Our Customer Care Center is staffed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 Noon. Call us at 800-322-8233 for further assistance.

What is the best way to print my account history?

Each screen has a small gray and white printer icon under the "Logout" button. By clicking on it, you will get a clean version of your statement.

Why does my statement show a debit that says "External Withdrawal" or a credit that says "External Deposit?"

Direct Deposit, Electronic Check, Point of Sale and ATM/Debit transactions are shown as external transactions. The detail of where the transaction took place is listed below the entry.

Are the answers to the security questions case sensitive?

No. The system is looking for an exact match to the initial answers you had input. These questions would have initially been established upon first log-in. If you do not remember the answers you selected, please contact our Customer Care Center at 800-322-8233 for further assistance.

Can I log-in from multiple computers?

Yes, you can log-in from as many different computers as you like. If you log-in from a computer that you haven't added extra security to, you will be asked for additional information so that we can verify your identity. To add extra security protection to that computer, select the "User Options" tab after you have logged in, then Enhanced Log-In Security. Click the radio button that states "Add Extra Security to this computer", and the click the submit button. You have successfully added the additional protection. 

Please note: If you use multiple browsers within the same computer, you will need to enroll each browser separately.

Can I still log-in to my accounts from anywhere?

Yes, this feature does not prevent you from logging in from any computer. If we do not recognize the computer you are using then we will simply ask for additional information that only you know before allowing you access.

How do you recognize my computer?

When you add extra security to your computer, a secure cookie will be placed on your computer. This secure cookie is unique, and when used in combination with your log-in information, it creates a unique way to identify you to the system. For every log-in attempt after you add extra security to one computer, this secure cookie is validated along with the log-in credentials you normally enter. This secure cookie is only used by Country Bank to validate your identity and does not contain any personal information.

How does Enhanced Log-In Security work?

You will need to add extra security to each computer that you use for online banking. This can be done easily from the User Options page once logged into the online banking. Whenever you log-in from a computer that you have added extra security to, you will automatically have additional protection, and notice no difference in the way you log-in. However, if you log-in from a different computer than the one you have added, you will be asked to supply your answers to the additional security questions in order to validate your identity and log-in credentials. 

Please note: If you use multiple browsers within the same computer, you will need to add extra security to each browser separately.

How does Enhanced Login Security protect me?

This security allows us to know that it's really you logging into your account. We know it's you because we recognize your computer AND your log-in credentials. If we do not recognize your computer, then you will be asked for additional information that is known only by you.

I share my computer with someone that also uses your Online Banking. Can both of us still log-in from the same computer?

Yes. You can use the same computer to log-in to your individual account safely; you will not be able to access each other's information. This is because your secure cookie is linked to only your log-in credentials. There is no limit as to how many secure cookies can be installed on the same computer. Just remember to NEVER share your User Id and Password with anyone.

What is Enhanced Log-In Security?

Enhanced Log-In Security is a new online security feature that will provide you additional protection from fraud and identity theft. Country Bank's Enhanced Log-In Security helps prevent unauthorized access to your accounts and your secure financial information.

What should I do if I do not want to use a computer that I have previously added extra security to?

If, for any reason, you no longer plan on using a computer to access your accounts, and you have added extra security to that computer, you should remove the extra security from that computer. This can be done by logging into your online banking account from the computer that you wish to remove the extra security from. Select the "User Options" tab, then Enhanced Log-In Security choose "Remove extra security from this computer", and click submit. This will remove the secure cookie from that browser. If an attempt to log-in to your account is made from this computer, extra information will be requested before access is granted.

What should I do if I forget the answers to the security questions?

If you have forgotten your answers, contact our Customer Care Center at 800-322-8233 for further assistance.

What will adding extra security protection do for me?

Adding extra security protection to your computer allows us to recognize your computer along with your normal log-in credentials, which helps add additional protection from unauthorized access to your accounts. If someone were to get your log-in information and try to access your account from their computer, having extra security protection will stop them from gaining access because they will be asked for information that only you know, and they would not have that information.

What will happen if I remove extra security protection from this computer?

If you want to remove the extra security protection from this computer, the secure cookie will be removed from the computer you are currently logged into, and all future log-ins from this computer will require you to provide more information about yourself that only you will know. To remove extra security protection from this computer, select the "User Options" tab once inside online banking, then Enhanced Log-In Security, click the radio button that states "Remove Extra Security from this computer", and click the submit button. You have now successfully disabled the extra security from the computer.

Why do I keep getting asked for extra information when I log-in from a computer that I have already added extra security to?

This is happening because the secure cookie that was placed within your browser is getting deleted. This can happen if you delete cookies from your computer on a regular basis. This is a common method that third party software (ex. Anti-Virus protection) uses to remove potentially risky items from your computer. These solutions typically remove ALL cookies as a precaution, even though not all cookies are a security risk. In order to use this feature without being asked for additional information at each log-in, the secure cookie that we use to identify your computer must stay within your browser. We recommend that you not delete these cookies if you do not want to be asked for additional information at each log-in. Please contact our Electronic Banking department at 800-322-8233 for further assistance.

Why do I need to use Enhanced Log-In Security?

This extra security will allow us to recognize you as the true owner of your account by recognizing not only your log-in information but also your computer. If we don't recognize your computer, we will request additional information that is known only by you, to ensure authorized access.

Are there any payments I can't issue?

Due to legal requirements, we limit the ability to make certain types of payments. Payments outside the United States are prohibited and may not be issued under any circumstances. The following payments may be scheduled at your own risk: federal, state and local government tax payments or municipalities. We also cannot allow payments for anything court-directed. These entities will not work with a third party to settle your bill should the payment become lost in the mail or credited improperly.

How can I choose to pay a bill with another checking account?

Contact our Customer Care Center at 800-322-8233 and we can submit your request or complete the "Secure Form" located inside online banking to "Add Additional Funding Accounts". We can complete your request with 24 hours and you can begin scheduling payments out of additional checking accounts.

Please note: Only checking accounts can be established for bill payment transactions.

How can I modify a recurring payment?

You can click on the specific payee under the "Make Payments" tab. You will have a pop up appear select the option "Change auto pay options". Click the "Save" button and the information has been updated. You may modify the amount or the scheduled processing date.

How do I add a new payee?

Click on the "Make Payments" tab and enter the payee name indicated on your most recent billing statement. A list of similar payee names will appear in a drop-down, choose the appropriate one or type your own. Every new payee is reviewed in an attempt to make them an electronic payee. So, even if a match is not immediately found, the payee may be converted at a later time, following the review period. Continue with the prompts to accurately list all information found on your billing statement to insure your payments are received timely and posted accurately.

How far ahead can I make my payments?

You may schedule a payment years into the future, however, we recommend not scheduling too far into the future as you may forget about them or the due date or dollar amounts may change. You can choose the payment date to be indefinite when setting up a recurring payment.

How far back can I retrieve bill payment history?

Bill payment history can be retrieved for the previous 12 month period.

I sent a payment on accident. What do I do now?

If you just did it and the payment is still showing under your "Pending Payments" column, you may edit or cancel the payment. If it has already been processed and your payment was sent by check, contact us right away. In many cases, we can issue a stop payment on the check and refund your money within 2 business days. If your payment was sent via ACH, or electronic, you should contact your payee to determine what they can do to assist you. Since we cannot electronically retrieve your money, it is up to the payee to decide if and how they will reimburse you.

Is there a daily limit on the amount of bills I can pay?

You may pay an unlimited number of payments; however, each payment may not exceed $9,999.99.

My payee has merged with another company. How can I change my payee to reflect my new vendor's name?

Every payee's information is verified prior to a payment being sent. For this reason, any new information for a payee must be entered as a new payee, triggering a review of the new information.

My payment was never credited. What do I do now?

If your payment has not been credited five business days after your payment date, you should contact us. We will need the payee name, address, account number, pay date, amount, and due date of the payment to research the payment. To speed the research, you can also complete the online form entitled, "Bill Pay Research Request" and submit it via secure email.

Should I delete my old payee?

Not right away. When you delete a payee, you also delete the payment history. For this reason, we suggest you either print your payment history or deactivate the payee from inside bill payment. This will allow you to obtain your payment history at any time but remove them from your "Make Payments Screen" so errors do not occur.

What do I do if I receive an error message while attempting to pay a bill?

If you receive an error message while making a payment, click on the "View Reports" link and verify that the payment was scheduled. If it appears in the list with a confirmation number, your payment is scheduled to be made. If you do not see it, the command never reached the server and you should make the payment again. If you are in doubt, call our Customer Call Center at 800-322-8233 and we can verify the scheduled payments using our administration site.

When will the funds be debited out of my account?

If the payee is being paid with either a paper check or an electronic payment, the amount of the payment will be deducted from your account within 2 business days of the payment processing date.

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