Elementary & Middle Schools

Savings Makes Sense

Our Savings Makes Sense, School Banking Program, is designed to teach students the importance of banking, economics and finance. Students learn how to save money as well as the importance money has in our society. Enrolled students, become actively involved in the program by depositing funds at school during “banking day” into a statement savings account established at Country Bank.

Each participating school has a specially designed banking booth to serve as the “branch.” Students, under the guidance of bank representatives, perform the operation of accepting deposits on designated banking days.

Because the account is a real statement savings account, students can also make deposits or withdrawals at any Country Bank branch during normal business hours. Withdrawals are not allowed at school.

In addition to learning valuable lessons on saving money, enrolled students will also be rewarded for doing so. Students receive an incentive after every sixth banking day.

We are proud to have 29 schools participate in this program.

  • Brimfield Elementary School  
  • Charlton Elementary School  
  • Charlton Middle School
  • Chestnut Hill Community School
  • Cold Spring School  
  • Converse Middle School
  • Hardwick Elementary School
  • Heritage School
  • Holland Elementary School
  • Jabish Brook Middle School
  • Knox Trail Junior High School
  • Leicester Memorial School
  • Leicester Middle School
  • Leicester Primary School
  • Mile Tree Elementary School
  • New Braintree Grade School
  • Oakham Center School
  • Old Mill Pond Elementary School
  • Paxton Center School
  • Soule Road School
  • St. John the Baptist
  • Stanley M. Koziol Elementary School
  • Stony Hill School
  • Swift River Elementary School
  • Wales Elementary School
  • Ware Jr/Sr High School
  • Ware Middle School
  • West Brookfield Elementary School  
  • Wire Village School

Additional Financial Literacy Programs for all ages

Country Bank customizes programs to fit the needs of students every day. Whether students are learning how to make change, how to create a budget, or just about the importance of money in everyday life, we love to help! We have many resources, including games, to help create a fun and educational experience. Additional examples are:

  • Community Reading Days
  • Career Days
  • National Teach Children to Save Day – American Bankers Association
  • Get Smart About Credit Day – American Bankers Association
  • Financial Literacy Exercises






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