Financial Literacy Programs

Teachers - Customized Programs Available

Do you have an idea for a Financial Literacy Program that you would like us to help with? No matter what level your students are at, we can customize a program to fit the needs of your students and possibly incorporate it into a lesson you’re currently working on. Whether your students are learning about money, how to make change or how to create a budget, we’d love to help! We have many resources, including games, to help create a fun and educational experience. 

We also sponsor the following to support our students and teachers: 

  • Financial Literacy Programs for all ages
  • Community Reading Days
  • Career Days
  • National Teach Children to Save Day – American Bankers Association
  • Get Smart About Credit Day – American Bankers Association

To learn more about our programs, please contact Jodie Gerulaitis, Financial Education Officer, at 800-322-8233 or visit us online at  

Parents & Grandparents

Country Bank supports Financial Literacy through our fun and educational programs designed for students of all ages. We have a variety of programs to fit the needs of students from grades PreK-12. These programs, along with our customized programs, educate students on the importance of Financial Literacy.

We all know how important it is to start saving early, but sometimes; this is the last thing on our youth’s mind. We live in a society where it is very easy to spend your money rather than save it. We are here to help! Our Savings Makes Sense, School Banking Program, is offered to 29 local schools. Students are able to save money, right at school, and earn incentives for participating in our program. Remember, any dollar amount is accepted and even the smallest amounts can add up to big dreams. 

To learn more about our programs, please view the “student tabs” to the right or contact our Financial Education Department at 800-322-8233.

If your child’s/grandchild's school does not participate in one of our Financial Literacy Programs, we have options available to help them reach their goals as well. Please see below.

Account Information
Savings: Can be owned singularly or jointly
Checking: Must be jointly owned with parent or legal guardian
Time Deposits: A minor may have a savings or certificate of deposit account in his/her name, but he/she still cannot legally be bound by a collateral loan contract until he/she reaches age 18
ATM or Debit Card: A minor may have an ATM or Debit card as long as you (the parent/ legal guardian) sign as the responsible party

Additional Services Available:


  • On accounts owned singularly or jointly by a minor, deposits and withdrawals are allowed without requiring permission from you (the parent/legal guardian). If you (the parent) wish to eliminate their ability to withdraw, you may want to consider opening a Totten Trust account with the minor as beneficiary.
  • If a minor owns an account jointly, only the account owners can withdraw from the account. You (the parent) have no right to the funds unless you are a joint account holder.  You (the parent) may come in with the minor, and then we would allow the minor to withdraw.
  • If a minor owns an account singularly and you (the parent) come in wishing to withdraw from the minor’s account, you must prove that you are the parent or legal guardian.

Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA) The Uniform Transfer to Minors Act is a state law that allows an adult (Custodian) to make an irrevocable gift to a minor. The Custodian is obligated by law to use the money for the sole benefit of the minor, and when the minor reaches age 21 the custodian must turn the money over to the minor. Prior to January 1, 1987, the law stated that the funds must be given to the minor at age 18. Only the custodian can transact business on the account and signs a final withdrawal or transfer slip when the funds are given to the child at age 21. There can only be one custodian and one minor assigned to an account. If the minor dies before the age of 21, the money belongs to the minor’s estate.

In the event that the custodian dies, a successor custodian must be appointed by the Court. The Successor Custodian is not automatically the parent/guardian of the minor.

Totten Trust Also known as an “Informal Trust” or “Unwritten Trust.” These trusts may be set up with one or two trustees, for the benefit of one party (the beneficiary). The trustees have legal title to the money and if more than one, either trustee or the survivor trustee may withdraw funds and transact business on the account. Until death of the trustee(s), the beneficiary has no right to withdraw funds from the account. Upon the death of all the trustees, the beneficiary may then closeout the account, even if the Personal Representative is looking for the money to settle the estate. The money is still part of the deceased estate for tax purposes.

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