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TEXT or EMAIL from your bank about Fraud or Freezing your account?

Posted on May 25, 2023

While scammers have the capability to make phone numbers look like they’re coming from your bank, or even change the caller ID, it is up to consumers to be discerning. It can be helpful to save your bank’s phone number, or the five-digit codes banks often use when sending text messages to customers.

The biggest piece of advice to consumers is to never respond to these messages or calls, and never click on any links. Taking the time to call your bank and confirm something is legitimate can protect you from falling prey to a scam – and also save you money and stress.
Scammers are also likely to make the situation seem urgent or ask you to send money to yourself using a digital wallet app or some other type of digital currency. Banks aren’t going to do either of those things, and these requests should indicate to consumers that they’re working with a scammer.

If you do receive a scam text or call, block the number, and report it. Both Androids and iPhones have the capability to report numbers as spam or junk, and numbers can also be reported to the FTC.

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