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Scam Alert! Important information regarding fraudulent texts and phone calls from scammers pretending to be Country Bank. Please use extreme caution with anyone asking for account information and hang up to call our Customer Care Center directly at 1-800-322-8233 if you are in doubt.

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ATM/Debit Cards

No. Country Bank does not charge a fee when you use your card; however, you may be subject to a surcharge from another bank when you use their ATM. We belong to the SUM network which allows you to use other SUM member bank’s ATMs without incurring a surcharge. Visit the SUM website for a complete list of participating SUM ATM banks.

Yes, you can use any Country Bank ATM to make routine deposits.

Any of our branch locations can complete the necessary paperwork to change your account number. Within 24 hours your primary account will be changed and all transactions will be deducted from the new account. These can also be changed by calling our Customer Care Center at 800-322-8233.

Never disclose your PIN number to anyone or allow anyone else to use your card. Do not write your PIN number on or near your card. The only way someone could use your card at an ATM is if they obtained your PIN number. If you have a debit card, someone could potentially use your card without your PIN, so it is extremely important to notify us immediately if your card has been lost or stolen. In any case, on consumer accounts, you are not liable for any charges not incurred by you or transactions done fraudulently.

To report unauthorized activity on your debit card, notify our debit disputes partner immediately by calling 1-800-808-6402 (24-hours per day) or us at 800-322-8233 during normal business hours.

Always store your card in the protective sleeve that came with your ATM/debit card. Keep your card away from heat or other damage-causing elements such as sunlight or anything magnetized. If you need a new protective sleeve, visit one of our branch locations or give us a call at 800-322-8233. We would be happy to send one to you.

If you believe that your card has been lost or stolen, notify us immediately by calling 800-322-8233 during normal business hours or 800-528-2273 during non-business hours.

If you lost your card outside of the United States during non-business hours, please call 812-647-9794.

Visit any one of our branch locations to receive a new card – the same day!

Mastercard® Debit card

This type of card allows you to access funds from your checking, money market and savings accounts via an ATM and gives you the ability to make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted.  These purchases are withdrawn from your primary checking account. Money market and savings accounts can only be linked to a debit card and accessed at an ATM.

ATM card

This card gives you the ability to access funds from your checking, money market or savings accounts via an ATM.