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All deposits are fully insured at Country Bank through both FDIC and DIF. Please Click Here to view our 2022 Annual Report.

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Invest in Your future

It’s never too early to think about saving for your retirement. Saving a little today will go a long way tomorrow. We’d be happy to help get you started and provide you with all of your retirement account options. Please stop by any of our banking center locations and it will be our pleasure to assist you.

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  • Types of Retirement Accounts

    IRA TypesBenefits
    Traditional IRAA Traditional IRA is a special tax-favored savings account. It allows for tax-deductible contributions for most people. Most important, earnings are not taxed until you begin to withdraw from your IRA.
    Roth IRAA Roth IRA is a great savings option. Although contributions are not deductible, withdrawals are tax-free and penalty-free as long as certain conditions are met.
    SEP IRA A SEP IRA is a written agreement under which an employer contributes money to their employees' Traditional/SEP IRA. Once funds are contributed, it becomes the responsibility of the employee to manage their IRA investments. This is a great choice for an employer or self-employed person looking for an inexpensive and easy-to-administer retirement plan.

    Retirement Products Features & Benefits

    Products Available & FeaturesStatement SavingsCertificates of Deposit
    Online Banking
    Telephone BankingFREEFREE
    Minimum to Open Account$10$500
    Minimum Balance to Earn Interest$3$500
  • Additional Services:

    • Safe Deposit Boxes
    • Money Orders and Treasurer’s Checks
    • Foreign and Domestic Wire Transfers
    • Bank-by-Mail
    • Complimentary Notary Services
    • Medallion Signature Guarantees for bank customers, please review the Medallion Stamp Customer Checklist

2022 IRA Newsletter

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