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  • Medallion Signature Guarantee

    Country Bank is providing the checklist below to assist customers with the preparation of documents requiring a Medallion Signature Guarantee.
    A Medallion Signature Guarantee can only be completed by certified officers of Country Bank at various branch locations – Belchertown, Charlton, Leicester, Main Office, Overlook, Palmer, Paxton, West Street, and Wilbraham. To assure a Medallion officer will be available to assist you with your request, please call and schedule an appointment before your visit to one of our branch locations 1-800-322-8233.
    You must be a customer in good standing with Country Bank before this service will be extended.
    Signature guarantees are for customers only.
    Before a Signature Guarantee can be provided, the following must be presented to
    the officer:

    • The officer will verify that you are a customer in good standing. Please present your account
    • The officer must verify the signature is genuine, so please do not sign the document(s) prior to your arrival.
    • In addition, 2 forms of identification, one primary (driver’s license, passport,
      permanent resident card – green card) and one secondary (current credit card bill – showing current address, social security card, employee ID with picture and signature) are required to verify identity and that the appropriate person is signing.
    • The most recent statement for the securities to verify balance amounts and account numbers related to the trade or instruction letter. Our Medallion Stamp covers up to $500,000 in value, therefore we are unable to guarantee any transfers for a stock valued higher than our limit.
    • Physical Stock Certificate
    • If stock is involved in the transaction we will need stock prices as of the day we are stamping your documents. This information can be obtained from numerous websites or your broker can provide us with a hard copy stating the value. Suggested sites are,,,, and You may also use daily publications (i.e. Wall Street Journal or USA Today) stock page showing pertinent stock price.
    • If you are signing in a capacity other than for yourself such as Executor, Guardian, Administrator, or Trustee we need the supporting document to verify your authorization. Please make arrangements to provide us these documents ahead of time as we will need to read them and possibly seek legal advisement depending on the complexity.

    Legal supporting documents may include:

    • Death Certificates
    • Letters of Testamentary
    • Trust Documents
    • Affidavit of Domicile

    The Medallion Imprint will only be used on transactions that involve the sale, transfer, redemption, or liquidation of securities. If you have any questions, please call one of our branch locations where certified Medallion Officers are ready to assist you.