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Please Note: Both our Worcester and Paxton Offices will be closed on Saturday, October 24th. Please visit our Interactive ATM located within the Worcester Public Market as well as our Leicester Office located at 1084 Main Street in Leicester. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Thank you for submitting your information!

To ensure we process your application as quickly as possible, please do not submit a duplicate entry.

Due to an overwhelming request for the PPP loan, applications submitted in full will be prioritized before those that are incomplete.  If you have not already done so, please have the below documents completed to ensure you have not missed anything:

Please make note of the next steps:

  1. Submit your initial request by visiting our website – Great job, this task is done! Don’t forget to have your application and Paycheck Protection Worksheet completed for the next step.   
  2. Receive a confirmation email from us with your next step. (Please be patient for this step)
  3. Complete a short registration process to access your secure loan document portal.
  4. Submit your completed application and supporting documentation.
  5. Wait for confirmation on approval.

Important: Within your confirmation email (Step #2), you will be provided with a link to a secure loan document portal as well as login information to register within the secure document center (Step #3).  This portal will act as the primary communication hub for you to upload your completed application as well as any supporting documentation.  It is important for you to complete the PPP Loan application in its entirety and any assigned tasks (Step #4); we are expecting an overwhelming number of applications, ensuring you submit all required information accurately and quickly will allow us the ability to process your information quickly.